On Wed, Jan 06, 2016 at 04:59:23PM +0000, Flynn, Peter wrote:
> It's a pity that Cocoon has strayed so far from its original task of
> serving XML via XSLT. In fact it's not at all clear to me what problem
> Cocoon 3 is intended to solve. At the moment it looks more like a
> development playground or sandbox for Java architects (in itself a
> valuable thing; I wish there were more of them) than a production
> application solving a business or social requirement. It's basically way
> too much Java and nowhere near enough XML.

When I first looked at Cocoon 3, I thought it was more like a return
to Cocoon's roots, clearing away a lot of stuff that had accumulated
and concentrating on the pipeline.

It's quite true that, without intense study of what documentation
there is, it is very difficult to find any mention of how to configure
it with XML, but the XML configurator is still in there.

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