I used cocoon 3.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT for a Rest email distribution application 
starting with the emailpipeline Thorsten made for me.I want to change to a new 
system renewing all my java applications and saw i deleted the source 
3.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT and i cannot find in internet.Can you help me?

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 Gesendet: 11:31 Donnerstag, 7.Januar 2016
 Betreff: Re: Help needed moving from 2.1.11

There is no need to configure it in any special way. All defaults are out of 
the box and are mostly sane (what every developer needs).
C3 is considered to be more a RESTful framework not only a simple XML 
distribution system. 
Most sitemap.xmaps work ok.

We have taken some steps into moving our app from 2.0.5dev to 3.0 and with some 
tweaking it worked fine! Check out the latest C3 snapshots from repository.
There are sample artifacts for many-blocks and only one block configuration 
(simple web app).


2016-01-07 10:18 GMT+01:00 Flynn, Peter <pfl...@ucc.ie>:

On 06/01/16 17:49, Mark H. Wood wrote:
> When I first looked at Cocoon 3, I thought it was more like a return
> to Cocoon's roots, clearing away a lot of stuff that had accumulated
> and concentrating on the pipeline.

I should have another look

> It's quite true that, without intense study of what documentation
> there is, it is very difficult to find any mention of how to configure
> it with XML, but the XML configurator is still in there.

Configuring it with XML would be useful (eg sitemap.xmap) but what I
meant was that Cocoon primary task was (is?) to serve XML documents via
XSLT as {text|xml|html|...}


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