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>Thanks for explanation Alex,
>I tried the provided sample code but it is not working. We have superb
>support of data binding in regular FlexSDK with options to optimize.

IMO, that's not true.  The generated code for DataBinding in the regular
Flex SDK is rather aggressive and evaluates the bindings when it has no
chance of working. And generates functions that capture scope for no
reason.  In FlexJS we are trying to provide different binding
implementations that understand life cycles.  For example, someday we'll
implement data binding for item renderers that need not do any evaluation
until the data property is set.  In Flex, the bindings fire as the widgets
get instantiated.

>My purpose  to  understand FlexJS binding effectively  and create series
>example so these can help others also.
>BindingUtils class contains utility methods  to use data binding in action
>script. check the below ASDOC URL:

I know what BindingUtils is.  I'm just wondering how many people really
needed it and for what.  I generally just add event listeners.


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