BTW, I think there were a few classes missing here:

ChainBinding is theoretically for listening to a chain of properties
GenericBinding should be able to "anything".

In examples/flexjs/DataBindingExample_as there should be an example of
setting up a binding from AS.


On 9/19/16, 12:07 AM, "Alex Harui" <> wrote:

>On 9/18/16, 2:35 AM, "PKumar" <> wrote:
>>Thanks for  info Greg, I am using FlexJS0.7.0.  There are different
>>bead available in FlexJS and  no doc available on these. So if you can
>>provide brief info on below binding statement that will be really helpful
>>for me to distinguish.
>These are four implementations of data binding for certain kinds of MXML
>documents.  They make certain assumptions about available properties and
>life cycles and try to use the Binding classes below.
>These are a couple of implementations of bindings that are optimized for
>simple obj.prop and constants.  There is also a GenericBinding for when
>you can't optimize for obj.prop.
>This is a set of CSS styles that send change events when the properties
>are changed.  Change events are expensive, so you only want to dispatch
>them when you need to.

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