I know I'm very late to the party, but I think for anyone that works on
large Flex applications it's an important topic. A few years ago I did some
tests comparing  REST calls VS BlazeDS to communicate with another Apache
project OFBiz. BlazeDS was significantly much faster. When interfacing an
application to retrieve 100's / 1000's of DB records speed becomes an
important factor. 

I'm hoping to start testing FlexJS in the very near future and one of the JS
libraries I was going to try to test is amfjs


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We're currently discussing exactly this issue on the dev-list.

Currently there seem to be several options:
a) Implement AMF in Javascript
b) Drop to JSON in Flash
c) Continue to use AMF for Flash and JSON for JavaScript, but giving up on
Remote-Objects migrating to REST-Like communication.


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We have several large scale Flex applications that communicate with WebLogic
servers using BlazeDS.
Just out of curiosity I wondered how would the communication with the
server-side would work in case we would compile our projects using FlexJS.

Thanks in advance,

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