I have written my first mobile AIR app.  On my iPad, the layout is a dismal
failure.  It looks perfect in the simulator.

I have the application set up to run in portrait mode with no
auto-orientation.  It starts at 160 DPI and scales up.  When the application
is complete, I get the width and height of the stage, and then use these
numbers to calculate the layout of all of my buttons and column widths for
my datagrid.  On the iPad, all of the buttons are spread way too far apart,
several running off the screen.  The datagrid is all supposed to fit on the
screen but four of the colums ran off the screen.

It is almost as if it calculated the width of the screen in landscape mode
instead of in portrait mode.  So I have two questions:

1) If you layout the application in portrait orientation, is the width of
the stage the width in portrait orientation or landscape orientation?

2) I am confused on how to lay everything out on mobile devices with varying
screen densities. Is it better to get the app width and height and then set
up distances and spacing in pixels, or to use percentages?

Thanks for any insight.  This was disappointing.

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