You should try listening for Event.RESIZE on the stage to see if it resizes
again after the application is complete. It is common for the Flash stage
to resize multiple times on startup.

- Josh

On Oct 17, 2016 10:18 AM, "bilbosax" <> wrote:

> When the application is complete, I dispatch a custom event to let the rest
> of my components know that the app is loaded so that they can then get the
> width and height of the app and lay themselves out appropriately.  In my
> main app, I have this code:
> protected function appCreationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void {
>         // Dispatch an event to the rest of the application that the
> application is
> complete so that I can calculate all of my layout distances
>         var e:Event = new Event("appComplete", true);
>         dispatchEvent(e);
>         appWidth = stage.stageWidth;
>         appHeight = stage.stageHeight;
> }
> In my application descriptor file, I have the following values set:
> <aspectRatio>portrait</aspectRatio>
> <autoOrients>false</autoOrients>
> <fullScreen>true</fullScreen>
> <visible>true</visible>
> <softKeyboardBehavior>pan</softKeyboardBehavior>
> I feel like it has to be something in my descriptor file, because it is
> laid
> out perfectly in the simulator, just not on the device.  The height values
> appear to be correct on the device, but the width is just WAY off.
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