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is the simplest way be something like this (?) :

vhost1 : actual WP conf
vhost2 : DocumentRoot = WP directory
          DirectoryIndex index.html

In index.html, the button links to vhost1/index.php.

I apologize for being uneducated about Apache2, but I'm not quite up on
"vhost". Are your lines above something I should put verbatim into my
/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/sitename.conf file, or am I supposed to tailor
them to my specific settings, and if so, I really have no idea how to go
about doing that.



vhost = virtual host = 1 web site (short way)
You need one file per vhost in sites-available/

Wath I suggest is to configure -for ex.- :
- vhostA with domain.tld
    DirectoryIndex index.html
- vhostB with sub.domain.tld (actual WP)
    DirectoryIndex index.php

I would like to point a detail:
This directive
    DirectoryIndex index.php index.html
    serve index.php 1st if exists else serve index.html 1st

Am I better for understanding?


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