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I am afraid you cannot do that then. If you have no DNS entry for no browser no nothing knows how to resolve this... it's
a subdomain... did not read everything but you can edit apache conf and
cannot edit DNS entries??

Well, I can on the box (/etc/hosts), but not on the network, at least not
without buying another domain name? But changing it on the box's /etc/hosts
file won't help when I'm browsing in from Topeka or Kalamazoo.

Unless I'm still fundamentally misunderstanding what I'm supposed to be

If you own already is only a subdomain. No need to buy another domain. If you want a completely different domain (change to something completely different) you would have to of course. In your DNS zone you just need to make an entry for which points to the ip of the server. As just written in the meantime... somebody has to take care of DNS handling

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