I was unaware simply making nodes unorderable would allow good
scalability.  Good to know!  I guess we could always experiment with using
a nextNode property to allow iterating in order, and also get good
scalability for inserting/deleting, but using that linked-list approach
would be slow at iterating, because each node retrieved would have to come
from a lookup of it's nextNode property. The only thing (afaik) that could
significantly improve that performance would be if each node's children
happened to be in contiguous storage so that disk caching at hardware layer
played a role in the speedup.

Is using this nextNode (linked list built on Node properties) the best
practice for when ordering AND large numbers of children are an absolute
requirement? What do you guys think? Crazy idea or reasonable?


On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 11:15 PM, Chetan Mehrotra <chetan.mehro...@gmail.com>

> > Every addition of a child node implies a change to the parent node
> Document
> Looks like the parent nodetype is nt:unstructured which requires
> orderable children. If you do not require that use a nodetype like
> oak:Unstructured. See [1] for some background
> Chetan Mehrotra
> [1] https://jackrabbit.apache.org/oak/docs/dos_and_donts.html#La
> rge_number_of_direct_child_node

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