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I replied on the devel list, where you also posted this question.

This is a well known error in the spec file for the google earth file.
It tries to own /usr/bin, which it can't own, and so fails.

Here's a web reference to it.
and here

A long time ago I installed google earth, and used a work around on the
spec file.  I don't remember it now, but I think it involved rebuilding
the rpm fixed to not own these system directories, and it worked with
the rebuilt rpm file.

The way to fix this so you can upgrade is by removing only google
earth using rpm directly, instead of through dnf.

rpm --erase --nodeps --test [google-earth-stable?]

This will test the command without doing anything.  When it does what
you want, remove the --test option.

After the upgrade, you can look for ways to re-install google earth.
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