On Wed, 2018-02-14 at 08:08 +1100, Stephen Morris wrote:
> So from my perspective the vlc package you had problems with works fine 
> on my system.
> The packages I have installed are:
> bash-4.4$ rpm -qa vlc*
> vlc-core-3.0.0-25.20180109git0c462fc.fc27.x86_64
> vlc-3.0.0-25.20180109git0c462fc.fc27.x86_64

When using Negativo17 I never had a package called vlc, just vlc-core
and vlc-extras. The /usr/bin/vlc binary came from vlc-core. On
switching to RPMfusion I now have a package called vlc. So I wonder if
your installation is in fact from Negativo17.

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