On 02/22/18 15:25, Ahmad Samir wrote:
I suggest you have a look at the manual for that MOBO[1]; it looks
like it supports booting from usb (from reading the "Boot Screen"
section of the manual PDF.

-- Ahmad Samir


I have the [pdf] manual, I just can't get the cmos menu to do anything. It produces a pretty ASRock logo in the center of the screen and shows several items in a list below it, Setup F2, and Boot F11, but it responds to none of them? I'm beginning to think that shutting it down and bringing it up again has resulted in it's failure. It's been running 24 hours a day forseveral years. I just don't remember when I got it but it's in an enclosure about three inches high and at the bottom of a stack, heat may have taken its' toll ...

Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA
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