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On 02/22/18 15:25, Ahmad Samir wrote:
I suggest you have a look at the manual for that MOBO[1]; it looks
like it supports booting from usb (from reading the "Boot Screen"
section of the manual PDF.

-- Ahmad Samir


I have the [pdf] manual, I just can't get the cmos menu to do anything. It
produces a pretty ASRock logo in the center of the screen and shows several
items in a list below it, Setup F2, and Boot F11, but it responds to none of
them? I'm beginning to think that shutting it down and bringing it up again
has resulted in it's failure. It's been running 24 hours a day forseveral
years. I just don't remember when I got it but it's in an enclosure about
three inches high and at the bottom of a stack, heat may have taken its'
toll ...

That might be "Fast Boot", which is a feature that's supposed to make
booting faster but also means you can't access the firmware settings
at early boot; the manual says that you can't boot from usb if Fast
Boot is enabled.

 From the manual:
Fast Boot
Fast Boot minimizes your computer's boot time. In fast mode you may not boot
from an USB storage device. Ultra Fast mode is only supported by Windows 8 and
the VBIOS must support UEFI GOP if you are using an external graphics card.
Please notice that Ultra Fast mode will boot so fast that the only way
to enter this
UEFI Setup Utility is to Clear CMOS or run the Restart to UEFI utility
in Windows.


Yes it boots fast and it's hard to getto the cmos screen before it goes to the system disk, takes some fast finger work and even then I can't catch it consistently ... That may be an indication of my problem then.

I considered clearing the cmos, but if after that I still can't bring up the setup and boot menus I may have  useless mess. As it is I put it back to how it was and it is working. I just didn't get to install the new drives I bought for it. As long as it works I can wait for a new board. I rely on it for my NFS data. Even if I found the disk with their utilities I don't have a Windows system to work wit.

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