On 03/07/18 03:50, Chris Caudle wrote:
> I am looking for some help getting IPv6 configured properly on a Fedora 27
> system.
> I have one system which was installed fresh with Fedora 27, that system is
> working properly, it receives both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses assigned by my
> router (running latest LEDE release).
> I have a second system which receives the expected IPv4 address but does
> not receive an IPv6 address.
> I notice that on the working system NetworkManager shows two instances of
> dhcp client:

Some of questions.

What desktop are you using?  The NetworkManager GUI displays are a bit different
between KDE and GNOME.

Are you using the GUI to configure the interfaces or doing it manually?

I think the problem is that in your config file you have both

> DHCPV6C=yes

I don't use DHCP for IPv6 in my network since Android devices can't use it.   
So, I
manually configure IPv6 for systems where I want a "short" IPv6 address and 
they are
"servers".  For the other systems I just let them use the IPv6 native 
do its things.

I believe with both of those parameters defined the IPV6_AUTOCONF takes 
and will prevent the dhcp-client from starting.

FWIW, using the GUI on KDE I could not force my config files to have both of 
defined with "yes".
If simple questions can be answered with a simple google query then why are 
there so
many of them?

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