On Thu, 17 May 2018 08:39:24 -0700
Paolo Galtieri <pgalti...@gmail.com> wrote:

> on my F27 system with MATE desktop.  First issue is that when I tried
> to logout it didn't, even though it prompted for logout.  What's 
> The second issue is that now whenever I plug in an external USB drive
> I get a popup saying I'm not authorized to perform the operation.

> What's interesting about this last issue is that sometimes it does
> mount the drive when I login, however, if I unmount it, unplug it and
> plug it back in I get the "Not authorized to perform operation"
> message.
> These 2 problems only occur on one of my 2 F27 systems running MATE.
> Anyone know what might have changed and how do I fix it?

No real help, but these sound like timing issues because of the
intermittent behavior.  Anything using lots of CPU or disk at the time
the problems occur?
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