Dave Fugate wrote:
That said, there is something extremely useful the community can do for IronPython that our team simply cannot: get 3rd party Python applications such as Django, pywin32, NumPy, etc running under IronPython. This could mean adapting something like adodbapi.py to utilize IronPython APIs similar to what Vernon Cole did, or re-implementing NumPy's C-based modules in C#.
NumPy works pretty well already (under ironclad*). I suspect that in circumstances where managedness is so important that the CPython numpy can't be used, one would be better off using a preexisting .NET library than trying to rewrite parts of NumPy.

Also, I just performed a quick test on pywin32 under ironclad and, once I added the 'pythonwin', 'win32', and 'win32\lib' folders from site-packages to sys.path, was able to call win32api.GetComputerName without problems. Not all of it will work, but see the numpy-related footnote below.


* and if it doesn't do what you need, or if what you need is too slow, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it :-)

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