Hello Bogdan,
Thanks for the response.
In terms of my question, with a number of queuing platforms, they have the 
capability to tell the caller, what position they are in , and when they are 
likely to be answered.
I just wondered if this logic was already within the module, or if I would need 
to use an external code/script to facilitate this function?
As I presume call_center tracks the number of calls currently in a queue ? I 
would then want to be able to extract that information, and if a caller was for 
example in 3rd place in a queue, I could inject the relevant audio from 
freeswitch to tell them their current position?
Does that make sense? :)   Just wanted to know if its something this module can 

Subject: Re: [OpenSIPS-Users] opensips 2.1 call_center queue position
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From: bog...@opensips.org
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 11:23:45 +0300

    Hello Jon,


      The message_queue is a SIP URI pointing to an audio announcement
      to play to roll of the waiting/in-queue playback. This needs to be
      an announcements that never ends (from the perspective of the
      media server); only the the OpenSIPS Queue may terminate the
      playback, when it decides to take out the call from waiting and to
      deliver it to an agent.


      As for your question, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by
      "inject a message with queue position for the caller in question"
      - could you detail please ?



    Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
    On 11.10.2016 13:36, Jonathan Hunter

        Hi guys,

        I have implemented an opensips/freeswitch environment, and
          I wish to add call queues to it, and I like the look of
          call_center, so just checking this out in comparison to
          mod_callcenter in FS world.

        My main question is if using the call_center module if you
          can inject a message with queue position for the caller in
          question, as I cant see that in documentation, I only see
          message_queue which I assume could be used to report the
          callers position, but just wondered if anyone has done this
          and if they could give me some tips as to if possible?

        Many thanks



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