Sorry for all of the emails! I have found one more issue while trying to 
upgrade from OpenSIPS 1.11 to 2.x. We use the db_virtual module in front of our 
redundant Postgres DB instances to facilitate failover between the DBs. We also 
use the avpops module to perform raw queries against the DB. In both 2.2.6 and 
2.3.3 I get the following error when trying to load this configuration:

CRITICAL:avpops:avpops_db_bind: database modules (virtual://set1) does not 
provide all functions needed by avpops module
ERROR:core:init_mod: failed to initialize module avpops

My configuration is as follows:

#// PostgreSQL Database module
loadmodule "db_postgres.so"
modparam("db_postgres", "exec_query_threshold", 500000)

#// Virtual DB module
loadmodule "db_virtual.so"
modparam("db_virtual", "db_urls", "define set1 ROUND")
modparam("db_virtual", "db_urls", 

#//  AVP OPerationS module
loadmodule "avpops.so"
modparam("avpops", "db_url", "virtual://set1")

Is db_virtual simply not compatible with the new OpenSIPS versions or has 
something changed in the configuration that I am missing?

Ben Newlin
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