On 10.08.17 19:50, Michael Grimm wrote:

> Here's my "HOWTO" in config.inc.php, and please note, that my
> roundcube/nginx and both postfix/dovecot( run in different
> FreeBSD jails. Thus you might need to stick with localhost [...]

I verified that the peer name matches my

  $config['default_host'] = 'ssl://imap.some.domain';

entry, and I also tested your

  'peer_name' => 'imap.some.domain'

suggestion, but still no workee. Using localhost is not an option,
because Roundcube runs on server A and Dovecot/Postfix on server B
(namely imap.some.domain). Also, if I could use localhost, I would
not mind turning off peer verification.

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