AFAIK dependency tree does not run in the reactor.  Is mod_d depending
on a SNAPSHOT version of mod_c?  Do you have that version installed in
your local repo?

I have used dependency tree many time on a large mutli-module project so
I can attest that it does work in some form. 

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Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 12:37 PM
Subject: Why would 'mvn dependencies:tree' fail while 'mvn compile'

Hi --

I'm trying to track down some other depdendency issues in my project
using dependencies:tree, but am getting errors that a module isn't

I have my project set up with a parent pom and a list of modules, each
referencing the parent, etc. Essentially, I have this:

    pom.xml # parent, references mods a, b, c, d in <modules>
    mod_a/pom.xml # module, no module dependencies
    mod_b/pom.xml # module, no module dependencies
    mod_c/pom.xml # module, declared dependency on mod_b
    mod_d/pom.xml # module, declared depdenency on mod_a, mod_b, mod_c

>From the root workspace directory, I can run things like 'compile' or
just fine, but for some reason 'dependencies:tree' is failing when it
gets to mod_d, complaining that it can't find mod_c.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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