You can have multiple groups (but I have never seen hundreds or thousands in 
use). In our case we have virtual repos only based on the product status and a 
separate virtual one for build time (plugin) dependencies.

Btw one more reason for using different settings if you work on projects with 
different repositories is also the local repository cache. While it does 
remeber where an artifact has come from, it does not cleanly isolate repos

So when you build something which should not use a specific repo it might still 
discover the artifacts. So when you set up different settings (one for company, 
one for open source) do not only specify different repos and mirrors, but also 
a different local path.


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But in a large corporate environment, the centralized repository manager can 
house hundreds/thousands of repositories so unless you want to virtualize the 
entire set of repositories (which tends to make the repository manager slower), 
you still need to specify the repositories to search, right? 

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> I'm trying, without success, to imagine why you do not simply 
> accumulate <server> elements as required.

Wouldn't that cause Maven to ping every server sequentially for every needed 

Better to set up a Maven repository manager (Nexus, Artifactory, etc.) and 
proxy all the needed sources, no? Then your settings.xml is always constant, 
pointing at your master Nexus, which groups all your needed repositories. Your 
build is reproducible and remains resilient to otherwise disruptive remote 
repository changes -- as long as your master Nexus does not change.

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> On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 08:03:03PM +0000, KARR, DAVID wrote:
> > One thing I run into when jumping between different projects is
> different expectations for what maven repos I need to be using.  In 
> the past, I had to have multiple copies of "~/.m2/settings.xml" lying 
> around, and I would hack the specified repos when I needed to.
> I'm trying, without success, to imagine why you do not simply 
> accumulate <server> elements as required.  Before long you should 
> reach a state in which new additions are extremely rare.
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