Hi all!

Could you please help me with a PutS3Object processor error? I'm trying to load 
a file to S3, but got this error message:

"PutS3Object[id=9842b19e-ced7-135a-0000-000000000000] AccessDenied checking S3 
Multipart Upload list for <bucket_name>: Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; 
Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: 766BF2370000000) ** The 
configured user does not have the s3:ListBucketMultipartUploads permission for 
this bucket, S3 ageoff cannot occur without this permission.  Next ageoff check 
time is being advanced by interval to prevent checking on every upload **"
I have access to the subfolders, but don't have permissions to the S3 bucket. 
Why it is possible to copy data using AWS CLI, but not using NiFi's PutS3Object 
processor? The version of NiFi is 1.2.0.

Thanks a lot if someone knows how to resolve this issue!



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