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> > You need to use a different page style every time the page header changes.  
> > Details are given in this tutorial
> Whether or not a new page style is needed for each even page, depends
> upon the source of the headers.  If it were, say, chapter headings, then
> only two page styles are needed --- LeftPage and RightPage.
> If every even page needs its custom, non-sourceable header, then a page
> style for each page _might_ be needed. This is doable, but extremely
> tricky. Anybody going this route needs to think long and hard about why
> each page needs a custom, non-sourceable header, before tackling it.
> If one is experienced at constructing page styles, it will take between
> 10 and 20 attempts, to get the pages to flow correctly. If one is not
> experienced with creating page styles, then budget at least 500
> attempts, to get the pages to look the way they should, and flow
> smoothly into each other. IOW, this is not for the feint-hearted.
> jonathon

I gave the simple answer - no need to go into complexities if the OP is already 

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