Roy wrote:

>I gave the simple answer

Simple ≠ usable.

More pointedly, the cited web page doesn't mention that for your
proposed solution, one creates that last page _first_.
(If you start with the first page, you triple the amount of work needed
to create pages that flow together properly.)
>no need to go into complexities if the OP is already baffled.  

That bafflement is precisely why the OP should be told how complicated
their proposal is.
That the first hundred plus attempts to create the pages probably will
not produce the desired results.
(Maybe if somebody sends them detailed, step by step instructions, for
creating the first ten to twenty pages,
they might not give up in frustration. I pointedly will not write such
instructions, because it only not
only encourages non-existent project management and planning, but
actively promotes bad design.
CF: Tufte, Edward (2001) _The Visual Display of Quantitative
Information_ Cheshire CT: Graphics Press. ISBN 0-9613921-4-2


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