1. file manager, address bar; (select): <user>/app data/roaming/open office/4 -> rename user.old.

2. start openoff

3. fm user.old - copy 'wordbook', 'template'; paste into new user folder. if you copy all the folders you wind up with same problem, but this way you keep your dictionary, templates.

can also get techs to find out by elimination which folder is causing problem.

but, this does not alleviate responsibility to WARN people attempting to download


Chris Addington Pr.Eng.

On 10/03/2018 13:50, Chris Addington wrote:

hi andrea

i tried that - doesn't work (but not sure what is meant by 'quickstarter', what is it? where is it? close it? how?)

the point is that the bug was KNOWN - had a WARNING been given i would NOT have installed - and i would not now be 3 days behind on work.

*i appreciate you are volunteers - i am a volunteer also (in other areas) - i do NOT get paid - BUT, BUT, BUT - volunteers still have a responsibility to inform correctly - oxfam etc. ignore their responsibilities.*

what do i do?


Chris Addington Pr.Eng.
On 10/03/2018 13:07, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
Dear Chris,
this is not an OpenOffice bug, but a Windows bug. Do as advised at
and it will be fixed.

You can now understand why we strongly prefer to use the standard support channels: answers are archived and available to all future similar cases. We are all volunteers and personal support is unsustainable.

You have been referred multiple times to the public channels. I will be unable to continue answering private mails due to time constraints, but I'm confident that the procedure above will fix your issue.


Il 10/03/2018 12:12, Chris Addington ha scritto:
hi andrea

the other key point is that *it is was KNOWN that there was this bug - yet there was NO WARNING given against downloading & installing 4.1.5 *- i had purposefully delayed installing 4.1.5 for some weeks just to avoid/minimise another install-headache.

but, NO WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Addington Pr.Eng.

On 09/03/2018 11:39, Chris Addington wrote:
hi andrea, bugzilla

- i received the mail below saying 'resolved' - downloaded & installed 4.1.5 again - PROBLEM REMAINS

you also won't explain 'user profile' - where do i change this - the forum simply references 'user profile' but doesn't say where to find this.


Chris Addington Pr.Eng.

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