I'm triing to use Samba4rc5 like autenticator for Ovirt 3.1.0-3.26

First problem is Ovirt is user usernameprincipal  (login@domain in place of
login) to autenticate with Samba4, But samba4 don't use it.

I use
engine-manage-domains -action=add -domain=DOMAINFQDN -user=LOGIN
-provider=ActiveDirectory -interactive -addPermissions
And the result is:

No user in Directory was found for LOGIN@DOMAINFQDN. Trying next LDAP
server in list
Failure while testing domain DOMAINFQDN. Details: No user information was
found for user

And the Samba4 give me:

But no userPrincipalName is configured in any user.

Actual Solution: I add a userPrincipalName LOGIN@DOMAINFQDN in the LOGIN
account (using a ldap tool) and add the ovirt machine to the domain.

After restart the ovirt engine I go to the UserPortal.

I find now other problem, the user isn't search by the Common Name (cn), a
example of search

must be

Thanks for all

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