I'm trying to setup an oVirt 3.1 allinone system as described at: 

  The main differences between my article and my setup are:

  * I've downgraded ovirt-engine-sdk to 3.1 as suggested.
  * I've selected ISCSI instead of NFS when running engine-setup and answering 
to the: The default storage question. (I can change that to NFS if needed, I 
think I used ISCSI because I had seen it in another howto).
  * Hacked all_in_one_100.py to increase waitForHostUp timeout ( 

  So when I first install it I go to attach local storage to local datacenter 
as described in 5th setp in 
http://blog.jebpages.com/archives/up-and-running-with-ovirt-3-1-edition/ and 
everything seems to work fine.

  My problem happens when I reboot. (I just rebooted to make sure everything 
was setup fine.).
Then the local storage (named iso) isn't attached to the local datacenter any 
I've checked /var/log/messages and I've found what I think it's the problem:

Nov 25 23:54:03 server vdsm Storage.LVM WARNING
lvm vgs failed: 5 [] [' 
Volume group "e2e3cb9c-a664-4fda-be0c-428b239e7e66" not found']

Nov 25 23:54:03 server vdsm TaskManager.Task ERROR
Task=`e75609f0-7322-4845-9cfc-1fb18e0ad3fc`::Unexpected error

Nov 25 23:54:03 server vdsm Storage.Dispatcher.Protect ERROR
{'status': {'message': "Storage domain does not exist:
('e2e3cb9c-a664-4fda-be0c-428b239e7e66',)", 'code': 358}}

The place where I initially placed iso and storage was /home/iso and 
/home/storage where /home was a normal ext4 partition.
In order to try to fix this problem and maybe increase oVirt capabilites now 
/home is an ext4 partition but not a normal one but mounted over an LV one.
As you can see the problem has not been fixed.

So I either need some help on how to fix this. I don't know. Some ideas.
* What's oVirt expecting when it searches a Volume group.
* What command is it trying to run?
* I've tried to search the script which might do the search but I've been 
unable to find it.
* Does oVirt expect any special partitioning layout regarding lvm?

Thank you for any idea you could have.

Adrián Gibanel 
I.T. Manager 

+34 675 683 301 

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