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On 17/12/14 21:38, Vered Volansky wrote:
Hi Julian,

Hey Vered,

IIUC the you have a self-created lvm, to which you're trying to connect as
posix using ovirt.
If that's the case please try to manually change the device's permissions
to 36:36 under /dev/<your_VG>.
If that doesn't work try the actual device it's mapped to (which is what
vdsm actually tries to mount).
If that also doesn't work please send us the output of:
ls -lh /dev/<your_VG> .

Still failed mate after a chmod 36:36. The thing is though, it _does_
mount the device for a moment before failing and unmounting it...

[root@blade01 ~]# ls /dev/VolGroup/lv_images -lh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 Dec 15 16:52 /dev/VolGroup/lv_images -> ../dm-2
[root@blade01 ~]# ls /dev/dm-2 -lh
brw-rw---- 1 vdsm kvm 253, 2 Dec 15 16:52 /dev/dm-2

Hi Julian,

Hey Nir,

It is not clear what are you trying to do - is this lv on shared storage, and 
by multiple hosts or use only one host?

It's a local LVM mount.

If the lv is shared, you cannot create a file system and mount it on multiple 
hosts (unless you
are using cluster file system).

If this local storage for one host, you should create a file system and mount 
it, and then
you can use the mountpoint as local storage.

If I proceed this way then the ovirt node needs to be in it's own local cluster, correct?

Please describe in details what are you trying to do and how did you create the 
domain in the engine side.

I first did a default centos install which created the LVM stuff. I then lvrename the home LV to images LV.

My end goal is to use the posix compliant mount option to have each of my ovirt nodes the option to use local storage for VMs for which I'm not fussed if they can migrate between the cluster or not.

Does this make more sense?


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