Hello Bojan,

I'm still having difficulties understanding the exact situation. Could
you please click the "Refresh Capabilities" button in the hosts tab when
the relevant host is selected and supply a screenshot of the Setup Host
Networks dialog on that host afterwards. Then explain what about that
situation you'd like to change.

Yours, Lior.

On 31/03/15 12:12, Bojan Popovic wrote:
> I have a hosted engine. It is on the same VLAN as the hosts are, so I am
> not having connectivity issues. I am not going to alter that part of the
> setup but I do need to add more networks, and I can not because I can
> not save the configuration, no matter what I change it is not saved.
> Ovirtmgmt is vlan-tagged.
> Is there some config file that can be edited manually, or maybe it can
> be done in the database?
> On 30.03.2015. 13:32, Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 12:15:09PM +0200, Bojan Popovic wrote:
>>> Hello, I am having a strange issue in creating ovirtmgmt bridge over
>>> vlan interface.
>>> I have set-up a bond from physical interfaces. On top of a bond there
>>> are three VLANs one of which is in ovirtmgmt bridge. I have set it up
>>> manually according to http://www.ovirt.org/Bonding_VLAN_Bridge
>>> Somehow the bond itself is also added to bridge in oVirt web interface,
>>> after reboot there also were two added lines to configuration of that bond:
>>> # Generated by VDSM version 4.16.10-8.gitc937927.el7
>>> BRIDGE=ovirtmgmt
>>> No matter how I try to remove the bond from the bridge it doesn't
>>> succeed. If I edit the config files manually it isn't replicated to web
>>> interface. If I try to detach it from web interface, I can only attach
>>> bridge back to the bond interface. Of course configuration cannot be
>>> saved until the bridge is attached to an interface.
>>> I have tried putting the host in maintenance mode, shutting down the
>>> hosted engine and doing all the changes live.
>>> Anyone has a suggestion how to resolve this?
>> I'd first like to understand how you intend for management traffic to
>> travel from your Engine to the host. Do you have a vlan connection
>> between the two? What is the host's IP address on that vlan?
>> Since you have connectivity to the host, we can tell that you have
>> un-tagged traffic to the host. In most (sane) cases, the IP address on
>> the untagged network is different from the vlan'ed one. To use the
>> latter, you'd need to remove the host from the cluster, and add it back
>> with its second address.
>> Did you define ovirtmgmt as a vlan-tagged network? Or do you intend to
>> have a special hack for this host?
>> Regards,
>> Dan.
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