having a self hosted engine environment in 3.6.0 and both host and engine
VM in CentOS 7.1, and having only one single host, now that both CentOS 7.2
and 3.6.1 have been released, what would be the correct path/approach?

I have a test system with an NFS storage domain and some VMs on it, to try
on before and then report, but if I get a confirmation/suggestion in
advance is preferable.

This is my idea, adapting what described at:

- set hosted engine maintenance mode to global
- upgrade engine VM both to 3.6.1 and CentOS 7.2 with:
 # yum update "ovirt-engine-setup*"
 # yum update
 # engine-setup
- reboot engine VM and verify correct access

No what if I want to update the host too?
- shutdown the VMs in my Datacenter
Can I put the only existing host into maintenance? Would this shutdown the
engine vm too or is it separate in terms of maintenance of the host?

Or should I simply
- shutdown the VMs in my Datacenter
- shutdown engine VM
- stop vdsmd on host
- update host to both CentOS 7.2 and oVirt 3.6.1 packages with:
  # yum update
- reboot host
- verify vdsmd is ok
- exit the global maintenance mode and wait for a few minutes the engine VM
should on this fresh upgraded host
- hopefully the host will come up again as active and I can start my VMs

Thanks in advance for any help and clarification

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