I am currently experiencing the same issue. 2x nic lacp config at switch, mode 
4 bond at server with no connectivity. Interestingly I am able to ping the 
switch itself.

I haven't had time to investigate thoroughly but my first thought is an update 

Did you ever resolve and get back to mode=4?


On 17 December 2015 17:51:50 GMT+00:00, Stefano Danzi <> wrote:
>I partially solve the problem.
>My host machine has 2 network interfaces with a bond. The bond was 
>configured with  mode=4 (802.3ad) and switch was configured in the same
>If I remove one network cable the network become stable. With both 
>cables attached the network is instable.
>I removed the link aggregation configuration from switch and change the
>bond in mode=2 (balance-xor). Now the network are stable.
>The strange thing is that previous configuration worked fine for one 
>year... since the last upgrade.
>Now ha-agent don't reboot the hosted-engine anymore, but I receive two 
>emails from brocker evere 2/5 minutes.
>First a mail with "ovirt-hosted-engine state transition 
>StartState-ReinitializeFSM" and after "ovirt-hosted-engine state 
>transition ReinitializeFSM-EngineStarting"
>Il 17/12/2015 10.51, Stefano Danzi ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> I have one testing host (only one host) with self hosted engine and 2
>> VM (one linux and one windows).
>> After upgrade ovirt from 3.6.0 to 3.6.1 the network connection works 
>> discontinuously.
>> Every 10 minutes HA agent restart hosted engine VM because result 
>> down. But the machine is UP,
>> only the network stop to work for some minutes.
>> I activate global maintenace mode to prevent engine reboot. If I ssh 
>> to the hosted engine sometimes
>> the connection work and sometimes no.  Using VNC connection to engine
>> I see that sometime VM reach external network
>> and sometimes no.
>> If I do a tcpdump on phisical ethernet interface I don't see any 
>> packet when network on vm don't work.
>> Same thing happens fo others two VM.
>> Before the upgrade I never had network problems.
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