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Once upon a time, Bryan Sockel <> said:
> We checked the port groups, and servers are cabled correctly.
> After server is rebooted, em1 is the only interface passing traffic.
> Other 3 nics sitting idle.  We can down each port on the switch and
> confirm it is down on the server.
> I am pretty sure it is related to the bridge that was created to pass
> vm-host-altn traffic when the appliance was first installed.

Well, I don't have any problem with that setup on multiple oVirt
clusters (including a bunch of R610 servers), so I don't think that's

I configure oVirt for "custom" bonding options; I use:

  mode=802.3ad lacp_rate=1 xmit_hash_policy=layer2+3

Is it possible to move the wires around temporarily, so different server
ports are connected to different switch ports?  It would be interested
to see if the "solo" behavior stayed with the port or the wire.

Chris Adams <>
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