On 4/25/17, Douglas Landgraf <dland...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi Leni,

> My recommendation is save the output of 'sudo make install &>
> /tmp/output-make-install-otopi' and
> debug it, start checking if the path of destination files are correct.
> Not sure if this your case, but, I have noticed some similar errors
> when --prefix is not set.
> """
> From configure --help:
> By default, `make install' will install all the files in
> `/usr/local/bin', `/usr/local/lib' etc.  You can specify
> an installation prefix other than `/usr/local' using `--prefix',
> for instance `--prefix=$HOME'.
> """
> For this case, I would suggest try:
>  ./configure --enable-java-sdk --with-maven --prefix=/usr/

Will definitely try this out and send feedback. Thanks.

> Fell free to share with us the output of make install.
> Thanks
> Douglas

My apologies. I thought I had attached the output of `sudo make
install`. Here it is:

- Warm regards
Leni Kadali Mutungi
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