On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 10:27 PM, Leni Kadali Mutungi
<lenikmutu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/25/17, Jason Brooks <jbro...@redhat.com> wrote:
>> On debian testing, I managed to build and install using ./configure
>> --with-otopi-sources=/root/otopi (this is where I'd checked out and
>> built otopi)
> Hmmm... This sounds definitely worth trying.
>> I got this error running ovirt-host-deploy:
>> # ovirt-host-deploy
>> ***L:ERROR Internal error: Internal error, plugins set(['otopi',
>> 'ovirt-host-common', 'ovirt-host-deploy']) are missing
>> It ran a bit further when run from the source dir:
>> # ./src/bin/ovirt-host-deploy
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Initializing
>>           Continuing will configure this host for serving as
>> hypervisor. Are you sure you want to continue? (yes/no) yes
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Environment setup
>>           Configuration files: []
>>           Log file: /tmp/ovirt-host-deploy-20170425170102-6mdsx6.log
>>           Version: otopi-1.7.0_master ()
>>           Version: ovirt-host-deploy-1.7.0_master ()
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Environment packages setup
>> [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Environment packages setup':
>> Packager install not implemented
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
> Let me test it out on my own machine and see.

Are you (both Leni and Jason) trying to make otopi/ovirt-host-deploy
build/install/run from a "dev-env" (non-root), or are you trying to
package them for debian?

otopi checks for plugins in its env under key BASE/pluginPath.
If running from either source (as above) or a bundle (see README.API,
this is actually needed for ovirt-host-deploy to work in its expected
normal flow), it has special code for setting it. Otherwise it defaults
to $(pkgdatadir)/plugins , where pkgdatadir is set by autoconf (and
defaults to $PREFIX/share/otopi.

So if you want 'dev-env', pick a prefix (say, ~/ovirt-stuff), build
everything with the same prefix, and add $prefix/bin to your path.

If you want to package for debian, you should mostly use debian
defaults for most things imo.


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