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> Just bumping this in case anyone has any ideas as to what I might be able
> to do to potentially get this to work.
I found some information about my lab in 2013.
I have verified I was using 5.1 so not exactly 5.5.
For that lab, where I ran Openstack Grizzly (and then IceHouse in a second
step), I was able to use nested VMs inside the virtual Hypervisors (based
on Qemu/KVM).
At that time I followed these two guides from virtuallyghetto for 5.0 and
5.1, that are still available.
It seems I didn't find a specific update for 5.5, so it could be that the
guide for 5.1 is still ok for 5.5.
Can you verify if you followed the same steps in configuring vSphere?
Note that the guides are for nesting Hyper-V but I used the same guidelines
to have a nested Qemu-KVM based hypervisor setup:

The guide for 5.0

The guide for 5.1

One important new setup thing for the 5.1 version was the step 3) in
section <Nesting "Other" Hypervisors>

Step 3 - You will need to add one additional .vmx parameter which tells the
underlying guestOS (Hyper-V) that it is not running as a virtual guest
which in fact it really is. The parameter is hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE

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