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    The actual arbiter must be removed because is too obsolete. So, I
    needs to add the new "full replicated" node but I want to know
    what are the steps for add a new "full replicated" node and remove
    the arbiter node (Also a way to move the arbiter role to the new
    node, If needed) . Extra info: I want to know if I can do this on
    an existing ovirt gluster Data Domain (called Data01) because we
    have many vm runnig on it.


I have found this doc from RH about replacing host in a gluster env: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Storage/3/html/Administration_Guide/sect-Replacing_Hosts.html

I can use the command described at point 7 ?

# *gluster volume replace-brick vol sys0.example.com:/rhs/brick1/b1 sys5.example.com:/rhs/brick1/b1 commit force*
*volume replace-brick: success: replace-brick commit successful*

The question is: The replaced node will be a data node (a "full replicated" node) or will be again an arbiter?
It will be an arbiter again.

Thank you

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