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> To add a fully replicated node  you need to reduce the replica count to 2
> and add new brick to the volume so that it becomes replica 3. Reducing
> replica count by removing a brick from replica / arbiter cannot be done
> from UI currently and this has to be done using gluster CLI.
>  AFAIR, there was an issue where vm's were going to paused state when
> reducing the replica count and increasing it to 3. Not sure if this still
> holds good with the latest release.
> Any specific reason why you want to move to full replication instead of
> using an arbiter node ?
We have a new server with the same hard disk size of other two node, so,
why not? Why join the cluster as an arbiter when we can have the same disk
capacity to add extra replication?

> and remove the arbiter node (Also a way to move the arbiter role to the
> new node, If needed)
> To move arbiter role to a new node you can move the node to maintenance ,
> add  new node and replace  old brick with new brick. You can follow the
> steps below to do that.
>    - Move the node to be replaced into Maintenance mode
>    - Prepare the replacement node
>    - Prepare bricks on that node.
>    - Create replacement brick directories
>    - Ensure the new directories are owned by the vdsm user and the kvm
>    group.
>    - # mkdir /rhgs/bricks/engine
>    - # chmod vdsm:kvm /rhgs/bricks/engine
>    - # mkdir /rhgs/bricks/data
>    - # chmod vdsm:kvm /rhgs/bricks/data
>    - Run the following command from one of the healthy cluster members:
>    - # gluster peer probe <new_node>
>    -  add the new host to the cluster.
>    - Add new host address to gluster network
>    - Click Network Interfaces sub-tab.
>    - Click Set up Host Networks.
>    - Drag and drop the glusternw network onto the IP address of the new
>    host.
>    - Click OK
>    - Replace the old brick with the brick on the new host
>    - Click the Bricks sub-tab.
>    - Verify that brick heal completes successfully.
>    - In the Hosts tab, right-click on the old host and click Remove.
>    - Clean old host metadata
>    - # hosted-engine --clean-metadata --host-id=<old_host_id>
>    --force-clean
I need this (reads: I need the arbiter role) if I reduce replica count then
I add the new node as full replica and increasing replica count again to 3?
(As you expained above)

Thank you
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