Hi and thank you for the answer,

After many many errors and problem, I have tried to start deploying
hosted-engine from node02 and... everything is working good, the last
message from ovirt activities is:

*Jul 7, 2017 4:38:00 PM Hosted Engine VM was imported successfully*

I think that something as gone wrong in the first time i've tried to
install and this is have compromised every next Installation attempts. Now
i will reinstall the node01 and I will join it in cluster from interface

Thank you for support

2017-07-07 14:35 GMT+02:00 Phillip Bailey <phbai...@redhat.com>:

> Hi yayo,
> Based off of the information you've provided here, it doesn't sound like
> the deployment was successful despite being able to access the web
> interface. You can check the status of the deployment from node01 by
> running 'hosted-engine --check-deployed'. You can also check the status of
> the VM by running 'hosted-engine --vm-status'. Could you run those commands
> and provide the output? It would also be helpful if you could provide the
> log indicated at the end of the deploy script.
> As far as the storage issue, you must have an active host in order to add
> a storage/data domain. Typically, the first data domain added will become
> the master data domain, which will be indicated in the web interface by
> '(Master)' following the type in the Domain Type column in the Storage main
> tab. The host that was selected during the domain setup will become the
> Storage Pool Manager (SPM) and will have 'SPM' in the SPM column in the
> Hosts main tab. If you attempt to move this host to maintenance mode,
> another host will be selected to become the SPM. If no other hosts are
> available, I believe you'll get an error message which will prevent you
> from being able to move it to maintenance. I believe in this situation you
> can put the storage domain into maintenance mode by going to the Storage
> sub tab under the Data Center main tab, selecting the domain, and clicking
> the 'Maintenance' button. This should allow you to then put the last host
> into maintenance mode.
> However, I think your initial deployment needs to be fixed before adding
> more hosts. Hopefully, I or someone else will be able to help you with that
> once you've responded with the output from the status commands and the
> setup log.
> -Phillip Bailey
> On Fri, Jul 7, 2017 at 7:22 AM, yayo (j) <jag...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi at all,
>> I have correctly deployed an hosted engine using node01 via:
>> hosted-engine --deploy
>> Using FC shared storage.
>> Seems all work good but, when I login in to the ovirt web interface I
>> can't find the hosted engine under the VM tab (also the node01 server).
>> So, I have tried to add node02 (no problem) and added the "Data Domain"
>> storage (another FC share storage).
>> Now (I Think) I needs to deploy also here the hosted engine but I can't.
>> There is only one way, to put node02 in maintenance mode but, after that,
>> "Data Domain" added going down and, when I try to deploy the hosted engine
>> interface says:
>> Error while executing action:
>> node02:
>> Cannot edit Host. You are using an unmanaged hosted engine VM. Please add
>> the first storage domain in order to start the hosted engine import process.
>> what is this "first storage domain"?
>> I have not added the node01 yet because last time hosted engine crashed
>> and the only way was to restart the installation ....
>> Note: Hosted engine seems to be correcty deployed because all work good,
>> but deploy script ended with error:
>> [ INFO  ] Engine-setup successfully completed
>> [ INFO  ] Engine is still unreachable
>> [ INFO  ] Engine is still not reachable, waiting...
>> [more of these messages]
>> [ ERROR ] Engine is still not reachable
>> [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Closing up': Engine is still not
>> reachable
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up
>> [ INFO  ] Generating answer file '/var/lib/ovirt-hosted-engine-
>> setup/answers/answers-20170123113113.conf'
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
>> [ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
>> [ ERROR ] Hosted Engine deployment failed: this system is not reliable,
>> please check the issue,fix and redeploy
>>           Log file is located at /var/log/ovirt-hosted-engine-s
>> etup/ovirt-hosted-engine-setup-20170123105043-kvzx84.log
>> Is related to this bug? https://bugzilla.redhat.com/sh
>> ow_bug.cgi?id=1415822
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