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    But it does  say something. All these gfids of completed heals in
    the log below are the for the ones that you have given the
    getfattr output of. So what is likely happening is there is an
    intermittent connection problem between your mount and the brick
    process, leading to pending heals again after the heal gets
    completed, which is why the numbers are varying each time. You
    would need to check why that is the case.
    Hope this helps,

        /[2017-07-20 09:58:46.573079] I [MSGID: 108026]
        0-engine-replicate-0: Completed data selfheal on
        e6dfd556-340b-4b76-b47b-7b6f5bd74327. sources=[0] 1  sinks=2/
        /[2017-07-20 09:59:22.995003] I [MSGID: 108026]
        0-engine-replicate-0: performing metadata selfheal on
        /[2017-07-20 09:59:22.999372] I [MSGID: 108026]
        0-engine-replicate-0: Completed metadata selfheal on
        f05b9742-2771-484a-85fc-5b6974bcef81. sources=[0] 1  sinks=2/


But we ha1e 2 gluster volume on the same network and the other one (the "Data" gluster) don't have any problems. Why you think there is a network problem?

Because pending self-heals come into the picture when I/O from the clients (mounts) do not succeed on some bricks. They are mostly due to
(a) the client losing connection to some bricks (likely),
(b) the I/O failing on the bricks themselves (unlikely).

If most of the i/o is also going to the 3rd brick (since you say the files are already present on all bricks and I/O is successful) , then it is likely to be (a).

How to check this on a gluster infrastructure?

In the fuse mount logs for the engine volume, check if there are any messages for brick disconnects. Something along the lines of "disconnected from volname-client-x". Just guessing here, but maybe even the 'data' volume did experience disconnects and self-heals later but you did not observe it when you ran heal info. See the glustershd log or mount log for for self-heal completion messages on /0-data-replicate-0 /also.

Thank you

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