Thanks for the input, I do recall reading that thread before, I'm 99.9%
sure it's not the problem here but I will double check, if anything to rule
it out.  These bricks are new enterprise SSDs that are less than 3 months
old with almost 0 wear on them and the issues I'm experiencing only started
within hours after upgrading my environment to oVirt 4.3 (and is the same
issue other users are complaining about regarding gluster bricks going
offline after upgrading to 4.3).  I think it's fairly clear that there is a
gluster problem in play.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 11:45 AM Oliver Riesener <
oliver.riese...@hs-bremen.de> wrote:

> Hi Jayme,
> btw. in the past there was  a long hunting for gluster problems on this
> list.
> as resolution, there was a failed single disk drive on one gluster host.
> the drive was direct connected without controller and smart checks,
> so no alert was generated, only gluster problems over days.
> please check you *physical* existents and online status of your gluster
> drives.
> my two cents
> Oliver
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