Thank you for the reply.  Please pardon my ignorance, I'm not very good with 
GlusterFS.  I don't think this is a replicated volume (though I could be wrong) 
 I built a single node hyperconverged hypervisor.  I was reviewing my gdeploy 
file from when I originally built the system.  I have the following values:
PV = /dev/sda
VG1= gluster_vg1
LV1= engine_lv (thick)
LV2 = gluster_vg1 thinpool
LV3 = lv_vmdisks (thinpooll)
LV4 = lv_datadisks (thinpool)

So according to the article I read in my OP, it says to deactivate the volumes 
under the thin pool as the first step.  I ran the command lvchange -an 
/dev/gluster_vg1/lv_datadisks  When I do this I am told Volume group 
"gluster_vg1" not found.  Cannot process volume group gluster_vg1.

That seems consistent with the timeout error message.  How do you fix this if 
you can't access the volumes?  Thoughts?

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