> On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 5:31 PM <k.betsis(a)gmail.com&gt; wrote:
> Is VyOS installed on the host, or in a VM?
VyOS is installed on the ovirt node
> Does this mean that the VyOS VM on oVirt should forward layer 2 traffic to
> the VyOS VM on proxmox?
> Is there a way to share a VLAN? (This would avoid additional tunneling.)
> Can you please share some details?
VLAN approach is not feasible unfortunatelly.
VyOS VM on oVirt should forward Layer 2 traffic over ovirtmgmt network.
So from oVirt's perspective there is no tunneling.
> If VyOS is a VM on oVirt, network filtering should be disabled on the vNIC
> profile which sends and
> receives the unencapsulated traffic, before the oVirt VM is booted.
I have disabled all filters on the VM Network by selecting Network Port 
Security: Disabled
> Don't understand.
I have created a VM Network with no filters on ovirt named auth_net with the 
following parameters:
1. VM Network, check
2. MTU, custom 2000
3. Create on external provider, check
3a. External provider: ovirt-provider-ovn
3b. Network Port Security: Disabled

This is done as to allow me to attach VMs to this network.

I have attached 3 VMs on this VM Network.
A firewall with IP e.g.
An LDAP VM with IP e.g.

The VyOS VM is attached to the auth_net with no IP address and with L2TPv3 via 
ovirtmgmt as to get the VM network Layer 2 traffic and forward it to the 
proxmox network through the VyOS routers.
Even though i have not created any network filters traffic is dropped before 
reaching VyOS VM from the LDAP Auth server.
TCPDUMP on the LDAP VM shows traffic leaving the LDAP VM.
TCPDUMP on the VyOS VM does not show traffic reaching the vnic.
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