> On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 11:29 AM <k.betsis(a)gmail.com&gt; wrote:
> I see.
> This will create an external OVN network.
> As far as I know, OVN networks do not allow mac spoofing, even if port
> security is disabled.
I have installed the vdsm hook for allow both promiscuous and mac-spoofing and 
have the same experience.
So it is safe to assume that this cannot be supported in ovirt?
> Are you able to use physical networks (oVirt logical network with VM
> networking, optional VLAN tag, but not external)
> to connect the oVirt VMs?
I can connect to VMs through the internet and IPSEC, but i wanted to extend 
Do you know of any other way where i can extend on VM network from ovirt to 
another hypervisor?
Any idea will help.

Appreciate the till now assistance. 
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