Hi Stephen,

I think it's a regression. Could you open an issue/bug .

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 24 май 2020 г. 2:28:41 GMT+03:00, Stephen Panicho <s.pani...@gmail.com> 
>I encountered this error when deploying the Hosted Engine via Cockpit:
>[ INFO ] TASK [ovirt.engine-setup : Run engine-setup with answerfile]
>[ ERROR ] fatal: [localhost -> engine.ovirt.trashnet.xyz]: FAILED! =>
>{"changed": true, "cmd": ["engine-setup", "--accept-defaults",
>"--config-append=/root/ovirt-engine-answers"], "delta":
>"end": "2020-05-22 18:32:41.965984", "msg": "non-zero return code",
>1, "start": "2020-05-22 18:32:40.569494", "stderr": "", "stderr_lines":
>"stdout": "[ INFO ] Stage: Initializing\n[ ERROR ] Failed to execute
>'Initializing': '%' must be followed by '%' or '(', found: '%JUUj'\n[
>] Stage: Clean up\n Log file is located at
>ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Clean up': 'NoneType' object has no
>attribute 'cleanup'\n[ INFO ] Generating answer file
>'/var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup/answers/20200522183241-setup.conf'\n[ INFO
>Stage: Pre-termination\n[ INFO ] Stage: Termination\n[ ERROR ]
>Execution of
>setup failed", "stdout_lines": ["[ INFO ] Stage: Initializing", "[
>Failed to execute stage 'Initializing': '%' must be followed by '%' or
>found: '%JUUj'", "[ INFO ] Stage: Clean up", " Log file is located at
>"[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Clean up': 'NoneType' object has no
>attribute 'cleanup'", "[ INFO ] Generating answer file
>'/var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup/answers/20200522183241-setup.conf'", "[
>Stage: Pre-termination", "[ INFO ] Stage: Termination", "[ ERROR ]
>Execution of setup failed"]}
>The important bit is this: Failed to execute stage 'Initializing': '%'
>be followed by '%' or '(', found: '%JUUj'"
>Hey! Those are the last few characters of the admin password. Note that
>don't mean the root password to the VM, but the one for the "admin"
>user of
>the web interface. I added some debug lines to the Ansible play to see
>answerfile that was being generated.
>Apparently engine-setup can no longer handle an answerfile with a "%"
>character in it. This same password worked in 4.3.
>Once I changed the admin password, installation progressed normally.

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