Do  you have the option for POSIX compliant FS ?
If not,  I guess the simplest way is to setup NFS export that to be used for 
the engine.

Best  Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 7 август 2020 г. 15:59:55 GMT+03:00, Lao Dh via Users <> 
>Hello Strahil,I follow the guide in "Installing oVirt as a self-hosted
>engine using the Cockpit web interface". Only 1 host and 1 SAS storage.
>Host and storage are direct attached. CentOS 8 was installed in host
>local disk.Only 1 SAS cable connected. So I think shouldn't be the
>issue of Multipath.
>2020年8月7日金曜日 20:37:47 GMT+8、Strahil Nikolov
> Are you using the single-node wizard  ?
>Best Regards,
>Strahil Nikolov
>На 7 август 2020 г. 11:34:52 GMT+03:00, hkexdong--- via Users
><> написа:
>>I've an external RAID subsystem connect to the host by SAS cable
>>I follow the instructions of the RAID card manufacture. Include the
>>driver during host installation. And I can see the created RAID
>>(LUNs) available in "Installation Destination". Although I choose to
>>install the engine in host local disk.
>>The installation success and I proceed to hosted engine deployment by
>>Cockpit. And now I stuck at part 4 Storage.
>>I believe "Storage Type" select "Fibre Channel" is correct even I'm
>>using fibre cable. As NFS and iSCSI are utilize network.
>>I confirm there are 2 RAID volume (LUN0 & LUN1) created in the
>>RAID subsystem. Why oVirt cannot discover them. What could be wrong :(
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