You can certainly use the Pulsar standalone to feed streaming topologies.
The only constraints of the standalone are more around:
 * Throughput (only 1 broker)
 * Availability (if that machine/process goes down, the "service" is down)
 * Durability (data is stored in a single node, lose one disk, lose the

Deploying a multi-node clusters with brokers and bookies is a bit more
involved,  and probably not worth it to just do simple tests.
 You can find docs for deploying on bare metal or Kubernetes in

On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 9:38 AM J.R. Pauley <> wrote:

> is standalone suitable for use w/ Heron and PulsarSpout adaptor or does
> pulsar need to be started in broker mode? If the latter how do you specify
> the config file to use?
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