Romain LE DISEZ wrote:
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Le Vendredi 18 Mai 2012 18:40 CEST, Jean Raby<>  a écrit:
However, if SOGo is _not_ restarted after the upgrade, the client will
see a mostly empty page.
sogod should be automatically restarted after an upgrade. That's how packages 
work in RHEL (eg: httpd, postgresql) and Debian.

About that... Both times that I did the upgrade, first to 1.3.15 and then to 1.3.15a on debian 6 64-bit, it reported that it restarted the service during the installation but it didn't actually kill the old sogod process...

I know this because I always tell daemons to restart after an upgrade whether apt-get says that they restarted or not (I don't trust it and for good reason).

Directly after telling sogod to restart after the upgrade it tells me that it's not running and that it is starting sogod. Then I do a /etc/init.d/sogod stop and a ps -A | grep sogod and I see that there is still a sogod process hanging around.

I have to do a killall -9 sogod to get rid of the stale process and then I can start and restart sogod without issue.


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