Le vendredi 18 mai 2012, Jean Raby a écrit...

> >After clearing the browser cache, all went well. I had a look to the
> >mtime timestamp of the files: it was the one of the upgrade.

> I've been trying to reproduce this issue for a while, but it simply
> doesn't happen on my setup...

> At least, this sequence doesn't reproduce the problem:
>   1. Install 1.3.14
>   2. Login, check mail, logout
>   3. Install 1.3.15.
>   4. *Restart SOGo*
>   5. Login, check mail, logout

> However, if SOGo is _not_ restarted after the upgrade, the client
> will see a mostly empty page.
> This is due to the fact that we moved from scriptaculous.js to
> jquery.js between 1.3.14 and 1.3.15.
> The running SOGo would send references to the non existing
> scriptaculous.js and the client would get a 404.

> Clearing the cache and doing anything on the client side can't fix
> this, sogo has to be restarted.

> Could this be the source of the problems you were facing?

Yes clearing the client cache fix it. I am sure of it, because I asked
the user to clear the cache, live during a jabber session!, and the
mails appeared just after (the user was complaining all day long about
its lost mails).

And I am mostly sure that I have restarted SOGo after its upgrade. I
_always_ restart SOGo after an upgrade. I double check my bash_history,
and can see the `/etc/init.d/sogo restart` after the
`aptitude safe-upgrade`, so I am now 100% sure of having restarted the SOGo



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