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> Where can I down load the lastest 1.3.x version? Running 1.3.16 now. 
> I am not using ldap and the manual states it's a requirement for 2.0. I this 
> a mistake in the manual and can I setup 2.0 exactly the same as 1.3? (use 
> mysql for authentication etc..)

You can safely upgrade to 2.0. Simply follow the "upgrade" section of the 
installation manual.

In your case, you have to run the shell script sql-update-1.3.16_to_1.3.17.sh 
or sql-update- 1.3.16_to_1.3.17-mysql.sh (if you use MySQL).

Even though 2.0 introduce the Outlook compatibility, this feature is isolated 
into separated packages.


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